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August 2014

There are 3 blog entries for August 2014.

Florida's Do Not Call List Revisited

Sunday, August 17th, 2014 at 12:14pm. 5,005 Views, 0 Comments.

Florida's Do Not Call ListIt's time for another look at how well Florida's Do Not Call Law is working to curtail one of the most annoying grievances Florida residents regularly complain about having to endure - the dreaded and unwanted phone solicitation.

It was seven years ago that we first blogged about how the state of Florida was getting serious about countering unsolicited phone calls from telemarketers of any sort. At that time (June, 2008), then Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Charles Bronson was happy with having collected $1.5 million in fines and judgements against companies that were found to have inappropriately contacted…

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The Bonita Bay Club is Growing Again

Friday, August 15th, 2014 at 12:50pm. 3,461 Views, 0 Comments.

The Bonita Bay Club's New Patio UpgradeThe Bonita Bay Golf Club in Bonita Springs is updating and improving itself once again. Recently the club spent $11.5 million on the golf course and the clubhouse, changing out the pro-shop for a new 4,700 SF open air bar and casual grill. Now, with nearly 2,000 social, sports, and golf members, the association purchased (for $4.25 Million) the 60,000 SF Bonita Bay Medical Centre, located just to the back of the Creekside's golf course and next to The Promenade. The three story building will give the club plenty of room for expanding its services to its members.

Plans for the space, which will be called the Bonita Bay…

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Florida's Economic Outlook? Quite Bright for Growth, Jobs & Housing

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 at 1:15pm. 4,452 Views, 0 Comments.

Florida's Economic Outlook Through 2017The following excerpts on economic expansion for the State of Florida come from The College of Business Administration at the University of Central Florida's quarterly economic projection report for July 2014. According to their findings, between now and 2017, it is expected that Florida’s economy will expand at an average annual growth rate of 3.7% and payroll job creation will average an annual pace of 2.6%. Both measures are well above the pace expected for the national economy.

These are some of the highlights of the report with regards to the housing market:

  • As of May 2014, 41.7 percent of single-family home…

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