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Collier County Naples' Beach Project

Posted by Benjamin Dona on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 at 10:23am.

The beaches at Naples need sand, and they need it urgently. The original premise, like in times past, was to dredge the sand from locations out in the Gulf and add it back to the area beaches; however, that bid came in double what the county expected. Step in, truck hauling sand from the area by two separate companies - Eastman Aggregates to haul sand to Vanderbilt and Pelican Bay beaches, and Phillips and Jordan, for Park Shore and Naples beaches at a cost of $9.5M as opposed to the lone bid received for off shore dredging in the amount of $32M.  Seemed like a no-brainer to the county commissioners, but the beaches are located in some of the most upscale property neighborhoods in all of Naples, and their residents aren't happy about having as many as 100 trucks per route delivering sand via their roadways – nor is Lee County. Collier informed Lee in early September that they plan on using a route that takes the trucks down Corkscrew Road to I-75 and then to Naples.

Lee County officials were under the impression the trucks would access Alico Road from Corkscrew then to I-75, avoiding residential traffic on the two lane Corkscrew Road. However, Collier says that will add $411,000 in extra costs to the trucks divert to Alico Road. So, both the residents of Naples and Estero are upset with the beach re-nourishment plans! As of this date, the matter is settled per the Collier County commissioners and there is little that anyone can do except complain. The residents living off Corkscrew Road include 5,000 homes with no community entrance traffic lights, a bike lane, and an elementary school along the route. Since early 2005, Lee County has fielded complaints about truck traffic on Corkscrew Road and last year the road was straightened for improving better sight ability, but it still remains a two lane road servicing mainly residential homes. Collier will set up a website and project hotline for Lee residents to use for complaints.

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