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Estero Looks to Incorporate as the Village of Estero

Posted by Benjamin Dona on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 at 5:29pm.

The unincorporated area of Lee County in Estero is proposing to its residents, Lee County, and the State that it's time for them to become a municipality. Both Bonita Springs and Estero are preparing to battle for the residents and businesses located in the unincorporated sections for annexation to their cities. 

Because Florida law requires a two mile buffer between municipalities, the residential communities of The Brooks and Pelican Landing, and the commercial developments of Coconut Point Mall, The Hyatt Regency at Coconut Point, along with the planned Hertz World Headquarters is creating the biggest issue between the proposed Village of Estero and the City of Bonita Springs. Although both Estero and Bonita Springs decided in 2007 to remain separate and Estero pledged not to incorporate – the business climate dramatically changed their position.

The grass roots effort for incorporating Estero is backed by The Estero Council of Community Leaders. They commissioned a feasibility study, are asking to waive the two mile buffer (which would then include The Brooks, Coconut Point Mall, and Hertz), and submitted to state authorities in Tallahassee, along with a proposed city charter earlier this year. Their plan is to submit the incorporation idea to the residents this fall. The ECCL is looking for contributions to aid in their quest for incorporation.

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