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Hyatt Regency Considers Annexation by City of Bonita Springs

Posted by Benjamin Dona on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 at 5:29pm.

Overlooking Estero Bay, on the border between Bonita Springs and Estero, is the top resort hotel and golf course of the Chicago based Hyatt Corporation for the area. The Hyatt Regency at Coconut Point is contemplating leaving unincorporated Lee and joining the City of Bonita Springs, bringing with it more than $20M of economic impact to the area and its 26 acre property that includes Raptor Bay Golf Club and Coconut Plantation timeshares. Estero's grass roots voluntary council planning commission for incorporation is not too pleased. However, the Hyatt has both a long-term relationship with the City and belongs to the Pelican Landing Homeowner’s Association which grants their hotel guests access to the private barrier island, a crown jewel in the Association's amenities.

WCI is requesting that more than 136 acres of conservation land and the Marina at Coconut Point (which belongs to Pelican Landing residents) be annexed to the City's boundaries also. It makes sense for the Hyatt to join with their neighbors for annexation.

The Bonita Springs City Council is planning a voter referendum in February of 2014 for annexing an additional 477 acres that includes 842 homes in Pelican Landing and The Colony. The unincorporated area of Estero actually divides some individual residences within Pelican Landing into "two" with no "rhyme or reason", especially when their mailing address is Bonita Springs and they are homeowners in Pelican Landing, an upscale gated community within the Bonita Springs city limits. These changes makes sense for the both the commercial and resident interests on the south and north west side of US 41 at Coconut Point. Click here for the proposed areas of Annexation.

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