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Oil Drilling Permitted in Golden Gate Estates

Posted by Benjamin Dona on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 at 5:29pm.

Oil Rig StructureGolden Gate residents are up in arms over the state's Department of Environmental Protection agency's approval for Texas-based Hughes to drill two exploratory wells near homes, our Panther Refuge, and the City of Naples main water supply. Hughes obtained permission for "horizontal"  drilling which is a relatively new technology in the oil drilling world and frequently connected with the controversial "fracking"  method of obtaining the black gold. Although, Hughes currently has no plans for fracking, they will not comment about that use in the future.

 Most residents are concerned about the production of hydrogen sulfide gases which can be a by-product of oil, gas, swamps, and refinery production. We've all smelled it - it's like rotten eggs. H2S appears naturally in our environment and the Barron Collier Resource group website says that they have safety plans in place for the highly toxic and flammable gas in the event of a large leak.

Curently, the Barron Collier family has 800,000 acres under their control, with their various subsidiaries, and have leased 110,000 acres for exploration to Hughes.

Most people don't know that oil drilling and production has been on-going for decades in SW Florida. The Sunniland Ridge, east of Immokalee, has produced 118 million barrels of oil. That field stretches from eastern Collier to North Fort Myers and over to Miami.

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