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Tropical Storm Karen forms in the Yucatan Channel

Posted by Benjamin Dona on Friday, October 4th, 2013 at 8:43am.

Tropical Storm Karen formed in the Yucatan Channel  this morning and now has a defined area of circulation. Winds are measured between 50-60 MPH and must reach 74+ to be a named hurricane. The potential of Karen to bring unstable weather to our area of the Southwest Florida Gulf Coast does exist! It's time to be sure your hurricane preparation is in effect and ready to go.

Karen is not expected to be a strong and long lasting storm as it approaches the US, but it's Mother Nature and always better to be prepared rather than not.

It's expected that a strong wind shear is expected to hold over the Northern Gulf of Mexico and should weaken Karen. Tropical storm watches are in effect for New Orleans and Lake Ponchartrain. Hurricane watches are in effect from Grand Isle, LA to Indian Pass, FL.

Tropical Storm Karen is the 2013 season's 12th tropical cyclone and 11th named storm. Stay tuned for updates!

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