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Types of FL Home and Condo Designs

Florida Property Descriptions

Since property descriptions vary from place to place, we are providing you with examples of the common terminology used by Realtors® and Builders in advertising SW FL MLS listings of homes and condos in SW Florida. It is important to remember that Villas and Carriage/Coach homes can be either singly family units or condominiums, so be sure to closely check their descriptions or ask for clarification, if you're not sure.

Types of SW Florida Single Family Homes

Single Family HomeSingle Family FL homes are the traditional home as most know it. If the home is built in a development then they will have standard floor plans and preferred builders. If the home is built outside of a development, you are open in selecting a builder and have much more latitude in terms of design.

Custom HomeCustom FL homes are where you select the lot and contractor and then the home is designed to your specifications. Single-family homes can also be custom built but the term custom is traditionally reserved for higher end estate homes. They are easily recognizable by their price range and features.

Types of Design for SW Florida Villas - Detached and Attached

Both attached and detached villas are typically "titled" as single family homes and you will own the lot.

Detached VillaDetached FL Villas are stand-alone single family homes with smaller yards, similarly designed exterior features, and interior square footage limits usually between 1,400-2,000 square feet because of the lot size. Many developments that offer these homes provide standard floor plans from which to choose and the lot is included in the base price of the home.

Attached VillasAttached FL Villas can be two or more units sharing common walls. The advantage is that it has the feel of a home - instead of a condo and is usually one level with a two car garage. Again, square footage usually ranges between 1,600 and 2,500 SF. The common walls typically require a fire standard of a minimum of 4 hours, and are normally made of concrete block. These walls are more sound proof than standard framed walls you might find in condos.

Types of SW Florida Condominiums

Low Rise CondominiumTownhomes are Low-Rise FL condos featuring the main living area on the first floor and usually all bedrooms upstairs. This design will almost always offer a one car garage. Occasionally, a townhome will own the land beneath the home, although in Florida it's not a very common design, nor usual to own the land. These developments are more likely to be set up as condominium living.

Low-Rise Condominium Version OneThis Low-Rise FL condo is the most common version found in Southwest Florida. Usually two bedrooms, or two plus a den, full guest bath and a shower only in the master bedroom, these floorplans range from 1,100 SF to about 1,300 SF and have a carport with small storage closet for each unit. The entire unit is either on the first or second floor with exterior stairs for access to the upstairs home.

Low-Rise Condominium Version TwoThis Low-Rise FL condo is more like an apartment living situation. Not all units may have screened balconies and the parking area is just like a parking lot. The spaces may be assigned or not and on a first come basis.

Mid Rise CondominiumMid-Rise FL condo are from 4-9 stories. They are usually found in bundled golf communities and near the coast. Unit size varies, parking is via a carport with storage closet for each owner, and this type of development is normally one to two bedrooms plus a den and two baths.

High Rise CondominiumHigh-Rise FL condos are 10 stories or more and are most often found near the coastline. They are usually upscale in their amenities and price.

For more information or questions on Florida property descriptions, please contact us. We'll be glad to assist you. We have many floor plans available for you to review when selecting the type of SW Florida home or condo you may find that fits your needs best.

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Page Authored by Benjamin Dona of Gulf Coast Associates, Realtors

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