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Our SW FL MLS Search Tools
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You must be registered on our site in order to obtain complete access to our SW FL MLS search tools described below. Give it try!  Registration is free. You'll get access to each SW FL MLS listings detail page which includes high quality photos, virtual tours, Bird's Eye and Google's Streetview, community information and more. We make it easy to find SW Florida homes for sale.

You can also switch between searching for Active or Sold listings. Switch to searching the Sold listings to see what the closed sales prices for comparable properties you are interested in purchasing have recently been. Just select Search Sold Listings and hit Update Search! You can then enter your search criteria and see the latest sold data results.

Bookmarked SW FL MLS Listings


Bookmarked SW FL MLS listings are those property's that you favor most and want to save and view at a later time.

How to Bookmark a Favorite SW FL MLS Listing

To Bookmark a SW FL MLS listing, click the star icon near each listing result or use the Bookmark SW FL MLS Listing button found on each of the property listings detail page.

Saved SW FL MLS Searches


If you find yourself searching for the same types of properties all the time, you needn't fill out the search form each time you search. Simply create a "Saved Search"  for one click access to the most updated SW FL MLS search results fitting your desired search criteria.

How to Create a Saved Search

To Save a Search, click the "Save this Search"  link found at the top of any SW FL MLS listings search results page.

Retrieving Your Saved Favorites and Saved Searches

To retrieve your saved searches and favorite listings – there are three convenient places to find them. Look up at the top left hand side of the landing page (once you have logged in) – there is a link for retrieving Saved Favorites and Saved Searches. Next, look to the right upper side of the Quick Search feature and you’ll see those two options also. And, lastly, when doing a new more extensive SW FL MLS search, look to the bottom of the right side navigation under the search criterion and you’ll find two links again for My Saved Searches and My Favorites.

Email Updates of New SW FL MLS Listings Matching Your Saved Search

New SW FL MLS listings matching your "Saved Search"  criteria will automatically be sent to you via e-mail as they come on the market. This will keep you informed of the latest SW FL MLS listings available that may fit your needs.

If you have any problems or don't understand how to make the SW FL MLS search tools work to your satisfaction, just contact us and one of our Realtor® associates we'll be happy to assist you.

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