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SW Florida Home Valuation

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When you decide to sell your Southwest Florida home you probably only know one thing about your local market - what you've heard from friends and family or found out through local media outlets. There's so much more to consider when setting the sales price of your home, because in most cases, it's your biggest investment.

Comparable Market Analysis (CMA)

You've also probably heard of a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) which sets out the price of homes similar to yours and which have recently sold in your neighborhood. Before we set the sales price of your Southwest Florida home, Gulf Coast Associates will compile a CMA that will show the recently sold homes, the listing price of similar homes, and what is currently on the market - in other words - your competition.

Perception of your home is another matter all together - each SW Florida home is unique and although you may have the same bedrooms, baths, and square footage of another home, this critical factor will affect your final sales price. The perception of your home is a "Buyer's Reality" - that means certain items have value and will affect the asking price. Things such as curb appeal, fresh paint, new carpets, upgraded kitchens, and spotlessly clean homes may sell higher than a home exactly like this one without these items. Gulf Coast Associates will provide an additional report that puts value on your competition's upgrades, curb appeal, and what makes your home more desirable than the one down the street.

And, we'll be inspecting your SW Florida home, measuring, making note of both the interior and exterior features, and each unique component that makes your home special. You will also receive a detailed analysis of what one home featured that another did not in the already sold category. This will help you compare your home to a property that has already closed in your area.

There is no other way you'll ever get a clearer picture of what your home is worth today then by having a professional Realtor® provide you with a CMA. All of your other "valuation avenues" could be skewed (we call it "not being Zillowed" ) because without access to the most recent and relative local data, you won't get a true idea of the value of your Southwest Florida home.

If you're interested in selling your Southwest Florida home and would like to know what its value is today, please use the form below to start the process. If you'd rather talk with us directly, please feel free to call anytime. Our Realtor® associates will be glad to assist you.

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