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Mortgage Calculator

Compare SW FL Home Loan Interest Rates

Our mortgage calculator will give you an estimate of what your principal and interest payment might be with your new Southwest Florida home loan interest rate. Keep in mind when you use the calculator that there are other monthly housing costs that will be added to this payment amount and that your mortgage lender will also consider them when qualifying you for a Southwest Florida home loan.

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Other additional monthly expenses you'll need to consider in your evaluation when purchasing a new Southwest Florida home include:

  • Real Estate Taxes - real estate taxes are calculated on the purchase price you paid for your Southwest Florida home and vary by county. You can find more detailed information about Florida real estate taxes by visiting our FL State Information page.

  • Homeowners Insurance - You will need to purchase homeowner's insurance to protect your new Southwest Florida home from fire, hurricanes, and flood, as applicable. See Homeowners Insurance.

  • Condo or HOA Fees - Don't forget that planned communities and condominiums also have monthly or quarterly charges for maintenance and you should also consider those expenses when you are trying to calculate how much your Southwest Florida home will cost you on a monthly basis. See Condominium and HOA Documents.

And, there are many loan programs out there that do not amortize - that means there is no principal reduction - so not every loan program can be evaluated with this particular mortgage interest rate calculator. We are simply providing it for you to use as a place to start your mortgage payment evaluation. If you would like more detailed information about your specific situation, please contact a local lender in your area. They should be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

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